Video4 space2relax (S2R)
Sensodiscus space2relax (S2R)

Sensodiscus space2relax (S2R)
Galery space2relax (S2R)
Video1 space2relax (S2R)
Franchising space2relax (S2R)
Puzzle space2relax (S2R)
Contact space2relax (S2R)
Sensodiscus space2relax (S2R)

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The OVEI Pod (TM) as Sensodiscus capsule for best immersive relaxation. All standard FIT equipments are integrated as the oxygen concentrator, the essential oils diffuser, the audio tactile vibrations seat and all Sensodiscus relaxation videos...

Sensodiscus relaxation videos in


different categories.



-virtual relaxity

-experi mental

The oxygen concentrator with essential oils diffusion directly inside the immersive Pod.

The seat with audio tactile bass vibrations syncronized with the music for best feeling.

Sensodome & Sensodiscus

The Sensodiscus by FIT Foundation

immersive oxygen-bar? click here...

standard, self-service & art design versions