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Sensodome & Sensodiscus

The Sensodiscus by FIT Foundation

space2relax franchising

70% of all people are concerned about
the amount of stress in their lives

40% of workers and managers say
their job is very or extremely stressful

Stress-related complaints are the main
cause of up to 90% of doctor visits

87% of all people said reducing
stress is important

Result: more than $150 billion spent in 2010
on reducing stress in the USA

Our space2relax concept is the first automated relaxation equipment offering stress relief delivered through a proprietary combination of state-of-the-art technologies and proven therapeutic approaches. It’s not a medical system, it’s only relaxation, entertainment & fun by providing a combination of sensory stimulation, massage, O2 with aroma, audio, video and visuals.

space2relax combines 4-6 or more Sensodiscus stations

as profi-center in a special designed environment.

“space2relax” cocoon yourself

click on the drawing